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United States, Last updated: Sunday, 19 April Since the house cusps are based on the earth's rotation, the ascending sign changes, on average, every 2 hours 12 signs 14th may horoscope for pisces 24 hours. Venus describes your affective life. Scorpio could even out this balance to advantage. You give each other total freedom to follow personal hobbies and interest. The astonishing secrets of law of attraction http: Ceres, the biggest of the four minor asteroids used besides chiron, is associated with the mythological goddess of growing plants and harvest and also symbolizes physical constitution, vitality and fertility.

From the 2nd and throughout the remainder of December, you're in a great position to smooth over conflicts over money, debts, or other imbalances. It can be an excellent time to get a loan, if needed. From the 21st forward, more and more attention is given to your career, responsibilities, reputation, and long-term goals.

The week makes new acquaintances with a wide variety of people, based on common social, political or professional interests and goals. During the week you will have a complicated relationship with people who live in another place.

Leo: Your daily horoscope - October 09

You will be inclined to react quickly and emotionally to their comments or advice. This week, fate will not tolerate lies or attempts at manipulation. Such actions especially on your part will create very unpleasant situations. During the week you will receive news or be invited to an event involving a child or young person. Leo women will have high hopes and expectations for this week.

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Your program will be filled with various things that will be important to you. Surprises are always possible, but they will definitely be enjoyable for you. Mithra became the King and child of God. This story has been identically appeared also in Christianity. The Romans were very familiar with myths about virgin births, births marked by celestial signs, gods born in humble circumstances, newborn gods barely escaping death.

The Mithras cult, arriving from Persia in the first century BC and popular among the Roman soldiers, was accepted nonchalantly in that society. Also the word m as in Christ m as is rooting from the old Persian word Miz and Mayazda. As you may know, Pope Leo in the fourth century after almost destroying the temple of Mithra A. Well, that is also a part of history, but does it change the facts we have in common?

Now coming to the Persian word Yalda in respect to Christmas. The word Yalda has been by some people understood being a Syriac word. However, this is not true. The affix da in Yalda is from Persian, and is an Indo-European word meaning day which can not be found among Syraic words.

Therefore, as a whole the word Yalda does not mean birth but it is only the prefix Yal which means birt h. The word Yalda means the birth of day, light see more details below. As you may know the word Christmas is almost in all non-English speaking countries called Yule, for example in most of European countries.

For instance, in Finnish Christmas is called Joulu pronounced Yowlou i. Day symbolizes light and it is the sign of God and good power against the darkness, night, that symbolizes evil.

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In both the affix day comes from the name of the Persian month DAY which in English corresponds to the word day. When we look at the traditions in Christianity, we notice that all of them, from Christmas to Eastern have their sole roots in Iranian traditions beginning from Yalda Yule-Christmas to Nowruz Eastern. Also the Christmas tree has its roots in Persian Yalda.

What does a pine tree have to do with the birth of Jesus? Today, even though people celebrate the Christmas every year but unfortunately nobody know why they put the Christmas tree and decorated it, and what these decorations actually mean! The Christmas tree is actually one of the holy trees held in old Persians celebrations, namely Yalda. The astronomy is one of the oldest sciences in Persia. In one aspect Persians decorated the Yalda Yule, Christmas tree so that it represents our solar system.

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On the top of the tree was the Sun i. The younger girls had their wishes symbolically wrapped in colorful silk cloth and hung them on the tree with lots of presents for Mitra, to answer their prayers.


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While the Yalda tree Christmas tree was a part of Yalda tradition in Iran, the practice of bringing such trees into the home in Europe only began in Germany during the reformation in the sixteenth century, with encouragement, according to legend from Martin Luther. As you may know, Luther, the famous German reformer, in the 18th century about , having learned of the Yalda Sarve t ree , introduced the Christmas tree to the Germans. As Sarves were not much known in Germany, as indeed in most of Europe, the chosen tree became a genus of pine which was abundant in Europe.

German Hessians brought the custom to America during the Revolution, but it did not become popular until the nineteenth century and even by , only one in five U. The majority came to do so during the next two decades. Another subject in Christmas time that can be found far past in Persia is the Sant a Claus which has an origin in Persia from Yalda and Nowruz celebrations. In both Yalda and Nowruz traditions Iranians gathered together, eat together and gave gifts to each other especially to children. But how it became as a custom in Christmas in Europe and rest of the world?

It is said that when Jesus was about to born, three Persian Wise Men priests Magi , from the Zarathustrian religion which is the first religion believing in one God , predicted the born of Jesus, that according to the Persian beliefs would be the Messiah the Mithra of the time and will become the King of Jews and the Son of God. They told Jewish leaders that they have made observations from the stars and they believe that soon a baby will be born, the Messiah the Mithra of the new age , that would become the king of Jews and the Son of God.